However, the research behind this is fundamentally flawed if you actually look at the details. Almond milk is believed to be bad for the environment because of the amount of water and land used in addition to the amount of carbon dioxide produced in growing almonds.

Oat milk is a much better alternative to dairy. I switched to unsweetened almond milk a few years ago because I wanted to cut calories, and because dairy tends to make me feel a bit nauseous.

Almonds are bad for the environment and using dairy farms and alfalpha to justify almond milk practices is a ridiculous comparison. F or environmentally minded consumers, the news is hard to swallow: almond milk is not healthy for the planet and the popular milk substitute is especially hard on bees.

The unhealthy truth about almond milk Skip to sections navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Just one glass of almond milk needs 74 litres, or 130 pints, of precious H20. The water-intensive nature of almond milk, of course, is no secret. Organic almonds grown in Europe can be pricier but do not use pesticides that can endanger bees. Almond milk: quite good for you – very bad for the planet Sales of the non-dairy milk alternative are on the rise. Is Almond Milk Really Bad for the Environment? However, I keep reading about how almond milk is … Almond Milk Is Not the Problem It’s fine if you don’t like it. The Information Age is both a blessing and a curse, as the superhighw Ditch the almond milk, for starters. By law, food manufacturers have to name ingredients in order of their prevalence in the product. That being said, both of these choices are still better for the environment than dairy-based milk. That’s slightly more than almond milk, but less than soy or cow’s milk. The Truth Behind the Decline in Bees According to recent data, billions of bees are dying at the hands of the almond industry. For example, as compared with cow’s milk, producing soya milk is significantly less damaging in terms of: greenhouse gas emissions, land use and water supply (12). Almond milk is in fashion, but that doesn't mean it is good for you, or for the environment. Contents: Almond Milk’s Popularity What’s Actually in Almond Milk Almond Milk’s Impact on the Environment The Health Risk of Almond Milk A cocktail of disparate elements have come together to make people hyper-aware of their choices in everyday life.

Perhaps the best would be to avoid milk altogether, look for proper nutrition from … Almonds are already known to help with weight loss and satiety, help prevent diabetes, and potentially ameliorate arthritis, inhibit cancer-cell growth, and decrease Alzheimer's risk. There have been a few viral articles getting a lot of attention that berate almond milk for being very unsustainable and as bad as cows milk for the environment.

Constantly producing milk is a huge drain on a dairy cows metabolism, and they need to replenish that energy through their food. We found some interesting statistics that can help you gauge the environmental impact of almond milk. If you have to drink milk, Almond Milk seems to be the lesser of the two evils to the environment, but both Almond Milk and Cow Milk, as well as any other milks, have their cost. Dairy cows eat a LOT. Rice milk uses 54 litres of water in comparison. Emily Cassidy writing for PlanetVision also noted the strain almond milk can have on our water, and mentioned that packaging can still leave a footprint on the environment even if the milk … Water: a litre of oat milk needs about 48 litres of water produce. However, producing almond milk uses roughly 17 times more water than cow’s milk per litre, but cow’s milk emits nearly 10 times more greenhouse gases per litre (14). But that doesn’t mean it’s bad for the environment.

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