Wright said that she refuses to use her health insurance in the US. To negate this expression by removing the "not" has to, logically, result in an opposite meaning. Maybe it is supposed to mean that I do care.

I could care less = I am capable of caring just a bit less than I currently do, which would take my amount of caring a little closer to nil. But, if someone says 'I couldn't care less', then that implies that they care about the thing as little as possible. In the 1960s, a controversial American variant of this phase entered popular usage: “I could care less.” Many native English speakers, both in the … I could care less but I don't. Why do Americans say "I could care less"? I could care less but I don't.

No school doesn't teach idioms.

This year I’d like to go over a few good reasons why people say, “I could care less.” The list does not include “because they’re stupid and have no idea how logic works.” When you want to colloquially express that you don’t care at all about something, you might say “I couldn’t care less.” This phrase first popped up in British English at the turn of the 20th century and is still popular today.

Most Americans don't have brainstems. They are both logically consistent when you add context: “Despite your clearly rehearsed histrionics, I could not care less about your problems than I already do”. Many Americans see declining levels of trust in the country, whether it is their confidence in the federal government and elected officials or their trust of each other, a new Pew Research Center report finds.And most believe that the interplay between the trust issues in the public and the interpersonal sphere has made it harder to solve some of the country’s problems.

It is more appropriate to say “I couldn’t care less” to indicate that you have reached the rock bottom of carelessness about something. Most Americans don't have brainstems. Wrong slang. If you said "I couldn't care less" this indicates that your level of caring is non-existent. It's supposed to be "I couldn't care less" - because I have no interest.

Wrong slang. Not all do. These are the same sort of people who voted for Trump and will continue to vote for Trump in the face of all the evidence that he is a lying, cheating swine.

21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear , I could have posted this comment anywhere on your blog but I choose here. You often hear people say "could care less" simply out of ignorance, much as when I hear or see people use the expression "for all intensive purposes". You can say both. You can say both. One just means you couldn't CARE at all and the other means you COULD care less than you're actually caring right now. "I could care less" means there is some interest.

But it wasn’t long until Americans corrupted the phrase (if you’re prone to think of it that way). It’s interesting, as British folks, especially those from England, are known to have brilliant sarcasm. I disagree with Donald Loughlin . I disagree with Donald Loughlin . Yea. ", the likely reaction is a blank look. It is 'couldn't care less', because that implies that you care the least you could possibly care.

Used in wrong context. People say: “I could care less.” People should say: “I couldn’t care less.” When you say “I couldn’t care less,” you’re saying you really, really don’t care. Less than 40 percent of Americans say they have enough money to cover a $1,000 emergency, and 34 percent of Americans had to cope with … Maybe it is supposed to mean that I do care.

Not “could care less.” When you think about it, to say “I could care less” really means that you actually do care about something, and it’s possible for you to care less about it.

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