Sure enough, a wildebeest hit the tree, breaking it … When they delivered the bad news, the entire pride was in tears. "Hold on, Simba, but look away." Browse more videos. What happened?" Chapter 3: Exile Pt 1When walking to the pride lands, Mufasa saw the lionesses, Rafiki, and Zazu. He was the king of the Pride Lands and the father of Simba. Mufasa's death in a stampede was the only thing that never changed during the making of "The Lion King" this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. asked Sarabi. In the midst of his reign, Mufasa was killed by his envious brother, Scar, in an effort to steal his spot on the throne. Mufasa said nothing but ran down as fast as he could to save his only son. "Dad?!" He suddenly knows that Mufasa isn't bad at all. His spirit manifested in … 7:52.

"I will tell you as soon as we all get to the cave," answered Mufasa. Mufasa is a major character in Disney's 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King. he … Despite his death, Mufasa endures in the memories of his loved ones. "Mufasa, are you alright?
When he grows up, goes back to pride rock, reconciles with Mufasa. Where's Simba?

Simba grows up with Scar, the hyenas, Zira (scar's mate), and Nuka. Lion king what if Mufasa and Scar were friends crossover. Instead of being dead, Simba finds Scar. Simba agrees. They all went to the cave. Poor Simba could not hold on much longer and knew he would fall if his father did not come in time. [Crossover] Lan Hong. Simba is trained to kill Mufasa. Follow. Mufasa exiles him. Mufasa answered, leaping over Simba and dashing towards the three hyenas. The Lion King. Mufasa ordered. 3 years ago | 16 views. Their true King is in a land beyond the savannah living a life with no worries
"Scar, stay here!" Mufasa took one last longing glance at his brother's body before turning back to follow his son. 57:10. Never Too Late The Lion King (2019 film) scores Life's Not Fair Rafiki's Fireflies Scar Takes the Throne Simba Is Alive! What if Mufasa never died-! When Simba replied by turning around, Mufasa took his paw and met it with Scar's neck. Scar lies to Simba about his past. Simba called, scared that Mufasa may have died. Playing next. [Crossover] Report. Especially Sarafina, who had considered Scar a longtime friend since their childhood, and who also used to have a crush on him, before Ahadi, Scar's father, forbid him from visiting her. Scar was following Mufasa when all of a sudden, Mufasa roared. "Simba, I'm okay, but let me take care of the hyenas." What if Mufasa never died-! When King Mufasa dies and Crowned Prince Simba is given for dead, the King's brother rises to power and the kingdom becomes the subject to misery.

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