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While there are some overlapping requirements between these two programs, the 4+1 Program requires an extensive set of course and credit requirements not only in engineering, but also in math and science. Wellesley ACT Requirements. The average ACT score at Wellesley is 32. explore Explore A - Z create Apply. College Search helps you research colleges and universities, find schools that match your preferences, and add schools to a personal watch list. Prior to graduation from Wellesley, the College requires that all students satisfy distribution requirements, including work in English and writing, mathematics, the sciences, social science, and foreign language. As part of distribution requirements, students are required to take a single unit of coursework that demonstrates awareness of a non-Western culture or of social dynamics involving minority groups within a Western culture. (BISC 250, 250H, 350, 350H, 355, … Eligibility Requirements The Wellesley (Eta of Massachusetts) chapter of Phi Beta Kappa usually holds three election meetings during each year. Primarily for Students registering for classes; Otherwise, it is best to access Banner Self Service through MyWellesley: https://portal.wellesley.edu _____ Banner Self Service may be unavailable nightly between 11:00PM and 1:30AM and also Friday mornings from 6:00AM-9:00AM for system maintenance. In addition to their majors, students at Wellesley must complete a number of distribution requirements, take an expository writing course in their first year, and meet several other criteria. Transfer students and Davis Scholars who enter with eight units prior to Wellesley must take at least three units at Wellesley, one in each of the three areas, and students entering with 16 prior units may take the distribution requirements at Wellesley or use their prior units. Wellesley College, one of the most prestigious and highly respected institutions of higher education in the country and widely acknowledged as the nation's top college for women, provides its 2,300 students with opportunities that prepare them to realize their own highest ambitions and compete in any setting. Explore key Wellesley College information including application requirements, popular majors, tuition, SAT scores, AP credit policies, and more. The Engineering Certificate is not intended to serve as a pathway to the 4+1 Program. WELLESLEY COLLEGE . All students wishing to complete the 4+1 program must fully satisfy Wellesley’s degree requirements prior to matriculating at Olin, and must also satisfy specific science, math and engineering requirements. Thoughtfully conceived (core distribution requirements across a range of fields), highly adaptable (you always choose courses that work for you), and just sort of amazing (more than 1,000 courses). QR is also built into Wellesley's distribution requirements and so is mandatory for all students. Note Regarding the 4+1 Program with Wellesley College. Wellesley students can choose to undertake academic minors as well, but this is not required. create Apply menu. Wellesley’s Quantitative Reasoning program began in the 1998-99 academic year, and has become a national role model for similar programs at other institutions. Women aren't afraid to be smart and a lot of people have a real love of learning. Wellesley logo.

The minimum distribution requirements for the 4+1 Degree are shown in the table below. there are other schools that don't have these requirements, thus making it easier for students to double major, even triple major but I feel that they are less well- rounded. Here's how philosophy courses fit into that rubric. These include distribution of courses over different types of topics and studies.

TRANSFER CREDIT REQUEST FORM FOR COURSES TAKEN ABROAD . The distribution requirements are not onerous, so you have a good deal of discretion in selecting your classes. But, “in between, I tried computer science, I tried horticulture.” Distribution requirements pushed her to take subjects that “I normally wouldn’t have had the bravery to try.

Academic Life. The College's … Lam, who this year is College Government president, quickly focused on political science and economics. Banner Self-Service Traditional Access. When reading an application, the Board of Admission must feel confident the application contains evidence that a potential Davis Scholar can be successful in these fields. It is fine to have more than 32, but if you have fewer (even 31.99) your degree is not complete. That distribution requirement includes one unit in social and behavioral analysis and two units total from two of the following three distribution areas: epistemology and cognition; religion, ethics, and moral philosophy; and historical studies. This score makes Wellesley Strongly Competitive for ACT scores. Distribution Requirements Students sometimes worry about how they will be able to fulfill the College’s requirements, and even how they will get a handle on what these requirements are in the first place. Two 300-Level Courses* At least one course must include laboratory and this course must be taken at Wellesley College One Elective Course* This ninth course can be any level Biology course; with additional course option EXTD 225, EXTD 226 *Please note Independent Research for credit is encouraged, but is not counted towards the major requirements.

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