volumetric synonyms, volumetric pronunciation, volumetric translation, English dictionary definition of volumetric. The flask was weighed dry and then filled with water. The main function as mentioned above is the ability to measure the amounts of quantitative as well as chemical data that is found in certain substances. Also known as an Erlenmeyer flask, a conical flask is a glass vessel used in chemistry laboratories, and it has a wide flat bottom that tapers up into a narrow cylindrical neck. It is named after the German chemist Emil Erlenmeyer (1825–1909), who created it in 1860.. Erlenmeyer flasks have wide bases, with sides that taper upward to a short vertical neck. Pipettes calibrated to deliver (TD or Ex) the indicated volume. Pyrex ® volumetric flask, certified and serialized, with Pyrex ® ST stopper. The key benefit to using a cork or rubber stoppered Erlenmeyer flask is the reduction or elimination of evaporation of stored liquids or contamination by airborne bacterial, fungal and chemical contaminants. These flasks come in a variety of sizes, from 1 mL cylindrical microflasks to 4 L larger flasks. Define volumetric. A volumetric flask (measuring flask or graduated flask) is a piece of laboratory apparatus, a type of laboratory flask, calibrated to contain a precise volume at a certain temperature.Volumetric flasks are used for precise dilutions and preparation of standard solutions.These flasks are usually pear-shaped, with a flat bottom, and made of glass or plastic. Of or relating to measurement by volume. non-volumetric: holds liquid, use for water bath. An Erlenmeyer flask, also known as a conical flask, is a widely used type of laboratory flask which features a flat bottom, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck. Volumetric pipets are stored in drawers on the west wall of the lab and the burets are kept … Dewar flask is a double-walled flask having a near-vacuum between the two walls.

It is a flask with an approximately pear-shaped body and a long neck with a circumferential fill line. A look at the types of laboratory flasks used for flask chemistry, such as Erlenmeyer flask use, Florence flask function, and side arm flask uses. It’s a flask of the “volumetric” category, that is, shaped and marked to give precise readings of liquid volume. Volumetric Flasks Volumetric flasks are flasks that have calibrated volumetric markings. Laboratory glassware is necessary for virtually every type of chemical and biological analysis. A volumetric flask (measuring flask or graduated flask) is calibrated to contain a precise volume at a particular temperature. The function of the acid burette is to accurately measure and dispense liquid.

Dewar flask is a double-walled flask having a near-vacuum between the two walls. Although …

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