Control the Jojo's as needed. Baretta, Aria, Hwa, Basalt, Bernard. Initial lucky stun makes it easy, if your Vero gets the Yetis stunned.

At this level, Seara's bombs hit for ~55K, which means that even when she's attack broken, she can one-shoot any monster I could realistically bring. Toah 80 Artamiel (plus 2 Wind Monkey Kings and 2 Light Yetis) was done with nub team; Baretta(L), Spectra, Veromos, Bella and Mav. BACKGROUND ON TOAH 80 For those of you who don't know, this is the Seara + 2 Liebli + 2 Jojo stage. Cc yetis on priority and kill them first. Keep Seara taunted. This month's ToaH 80 got seara and jojo+liebli comb:( I been using Vero (200) baretta (185) Aria(187) bernard (277) and Basalt (160) throughout toah. Suggestion and discussion would be great! Is you stun only 1 yeti, attack the other one so it wont counter. However it aint working here, especially for some reason Aria is derping a lot and getting revenge killed by lieblis or maybe I … After Lieblies are down, kill the Jojo's and proceed to Seara. I cleared toah 80 yesterday using Baretta lead, Granite, Spectra, Chasun, and … TOA 80 HARD that cursed Seara and what you used to clear it.

The stage is kinda RNG … Stun the Lieblis and kill them first. Additionally, she can use the bombs every single turn, so immunity is useless. Baretta, Aria, Hwa, Ahman, Bernard.

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