The small plane dipped … This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Sentence Examples This gives rise to a dip of almost 90 degrees in the chalk beds, seen best at the Needles. Sentences; dip; dip. Learn more Got it! 6. 0.

dipped example sentences.

Cynthia gripped her husband's hand in a circulation-stopping grip as a deep dip bounced them to the ground. 55. We dipped pieces of fruit in melted chocolate, and put them in the fridge to harden. 24 examples: This dip did not, however, remove plumbers from the top echelon of… The foundry at Barberton is also equipped to dip … dips Sentence Examples. ... At this time unshorn lambs are dipped and dosed with one of Cooper's tablets of sulphur-arsenic dip … Dip your hand in to see how hot the water is. 3. This may encourage gold traders to dip … He had started to stroke her, shivering, staring ahead, following with a blind man's hand the dip of her spine through the batiste. dip. 4. You dip it in soy sauce. Only dip … Example sentences with the word dipped. You can dip anything in this, she said. Dip in a sentence 1. 29. 2. Dip him in the river who loves water. Examples of dip in a sentence, how to use it. by a resistant Cretaceous limestone, which dips gently seaward; its scalloped inland-facing escarpment overlooks a denuded central prairie region of irregular structure and form; its gentle coastward slope (16 ft. 1.

Don't allow that candle to cool completely between dips… 21. Quickly dip the base in and out of cold water. 5. Example Sentences for "dip" We dipped pieces of fruit in melted chocolate, and put them in the fridge to hardenThe child dipped his toes into the ocean to see if the water was cold. 8. dip Sentence Examples.

I'll allow the children to dip their bread into the soup.

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