An Executor owes certain duties to the estate. In these instances, the beneficiaries of an estate may wish to seek out the removal of that executor.Fortunately, California probate law does allow for the removal of an executor … cause harm to the estate. This petition basically asks the court to declare the will as valid and binding, and to officially appoint the nominated executor as the representative of the estate. One of the leading cases on how to remove an executor remains the Privy Council decision in Letterstedt v Broers UKPC 1 in which the Privy Council confirmed that where the administration of the trust or estate is likely to be frustrated then an executor may be removed. Who is an Executor? I. Removal of executors - practice and procedure Oliver Wooding, St John’s Chambers Introduction 1. The This means that after an independent executor or administrator is approved and an inventory of estate assets (or an affidavit in lieu of an inventory) has been filed, the executor or administrator can take care of the administration of the estate without further court involvement or supervision. Upon the death of the testator, the named executor files a probate petition (along with the original will) with the Surrogate’s Court. It is a rare occasion, but you can request the probate court to remove the executor who you had appointed  as the personal representative and replace with someone else. Generally, this is limited to the beneficiaries of the will and to creditors. The main responsibilities of an Executor are to act in good faith and in the best interest of the estate, marshal the assets (collecting all assets to be distributed), paying all the debts of the estate, and preserving assets for … It was not until the Legislature passed a statute in 1979 that a formal mechanism existed to remove an independent executor. File Your Request.

An Executor or Personal Representative is appointed under the decedent’s Will. Some states refer to this role as the executor or administrator of your estate. I suggest you consult with a probate attorney so you can do this with the best chance of success. If you think the executor is doing a poor or careless job of managing the estate, this can be grounds for removal. Only individuals with "standing" can ask the probate court to remove a personal representative. other fiduciary duties that cannot be reconciled and makes the executor unable. This person has the authority and responsibility to settle and distribute your estate after you die. An executor is a fiduciary, and as such, has a duty to its beneficiaries to carry out the terms of a Will with the highest degree of fidelity and good faith. To remove an executor from a will after the death of the testator, an interested person must file for a court proceeding. There has been blatant mismanagement of the estate, including a demand that the urn must be buried before any inheritance will be distributed to the beneficiaries. Erica E. Lord . The exact requirements can vary from state to … Pre Grant Applications: 1.1.1. in the Family Division to ‘pass over’ an executor or potential administrator under the … How to Petition to Remove an Executor Confirm Standing. Id. For example, if the executor of an estate also happens to Grounds to Remove Executor. Usually, the … Texas provides for independent administration free of court supervision. Yes, generally the beneficiaries make the decision of removing the executor. How can I obtain a petition to remove an executor/trustee of a trust in FL? They can ask the court to replace him with someone else named in the pleadings. 1. Seeking to remove an executor of an estate against their will definitely requires the assistance of an attorney in drafting up the legal pleadings. Instructions for completing Petition for Estate Administration (NHJB-2145-P) Form use. Complaint or Petition for Removal If your beneficiaries have justifiable grounds, they can file a complaint or petition with the probate court to remove your executor. Each state has its own rules about what constitutes reason for removal, but courts will remove an executor who: Failure to distribute assets If the executor fails to distribute estate assets within two or three years, this could constitute grounds for removal. Even today, those specifically enumerated statutory grounds are the only way to remove an independent executor. If you have standing, determine if valid grounds exist for challenging the executor. An executor would have to be bankrupt at the time the job starts, or become bankrupt during the estate’s administration. While many estate executors carry out their duties diligently and responsibly, this is not always the case. at 287 n. 29. Tuesday, March 4, 2014; Category: Wills, Trusts and Estate Litigation In the case of In Re Mutchler, PICS Case No. The courts are reluctant to remove an executor unless there is a valid reason for the removal.

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