Henry Krank & Co. Muzzle Loading Guns. alamo flintlock 50 cal. By far the most common guns at the Alamo were still Flintlocks, both rifles, and muskets, as others have noted. The components of the kit look great -fits great. Blue Ridge black-powder muzzleloaders feature a drum and bolster system.

$ 895.00; kentucky flintlock … x 20ga. $ 975.00; howdah hunter “kombo” 20ga.

x 50 cal.

Pedersoli make a great product - Thank them for me. $ 895.00; howdah hunter 58 cal. Davide Pedersoli reproduction of an English pattern flintlock rifle featuring an octagon-to-round barrel. Qty: Caliber: This is a faithful reproduction of the historic rifle used by the Texans during the Battle of the Alamo. A description of the Pedersoli Mortimer Rifle and what you need to make it shoot .

The Tennessee men who came with Crockett were mostly armed with Flintlock rifles, but the constituted only a small percentage of the 187 men who died defending the Alamo. Muzzleloaders and blackpowder muskets, rifles, pistols and cap & ball revolvers Single shot flintlock pistol.

Price US$250.00. Alamo Flintlock Rifle.

Pedersoli Alamo Flintlock Rifle Part No: 400-214 $975.00. Locks are color-case-hardened. ... Pedersoli Flintlock for Alamo Check Stock.

Muzzleloaders and blackpowder muskets, rifles, pistols and cap & ball revolvers Caliber.32.45.50 Grooves 7 8 8 Twist 1: 1 200 mm - 1:48 '' 1: 1 200 mm - 1:48 '' 1: 1 200 mm - 1

Description Pedersoli Flintlock for Jager Hunter Check Stock. twist delivers exceptional precision with patched round balls, plus the .45-.50- caliber-flintlock rifles will handle conical bullets surprisingly well. It became one of the most common weapons used in the American colonies. Pedersoli Locks. In a Cabela’s-exclusive rifle, Pedersoli captured some of them in its Blue Ridge Flintlock Rifle, which is also offered in a percussion variant.

Reproduction of the historical rifle used by the Texas troops during the battle of the Alamo. Shown on the patch box are two scenes from the war of independence: the resistance of the Alamo, defended for 13 days by 189 soldiers against 4000 Mexicans and “General Santa Ana’s” surrender to General Sam Houston, after the San Jacinto battle, on April 21st 1836. The checkered and oil finished European walnut stock is completed with an English style cheek piece, while metal is treated to color case hardening. The latter is evaluated here. ... Pedersoli Alamo Percussion Muzzleloading Rifle, 45 Caliber Md: S.217-045Reproduction of the historical rifle used by the Texas troops during the battle of the Alamo. .45 caliber with blued 10 1/4" octagon barrel. Reproduction of the historical rifle used by the Texas troops during the battle of the Alamo.

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