"One Coarse Meal" Andrew Overtoom: Written by : Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, and Mr. Lawrence Storyboarded by : Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas (directors) March 25, 2010 () 4.19: When Mr. Krabs discovers that Plankton is afraid of whales, he uses it to his advantage with his daughter, Pearl. Mondo Coco. This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "One Coarse Meal" from season seven, which aired on March 25,.

Sort: Relevant Newest. Review this Episode. Would you like to write a review? So, there you have it; my version of Parent12D's alternate ending of One Course Meal, the worst episode of Spongebob Squarepants ever made. It makes what should have been the protagonist (Mr. Krabs) into the antagonist, and the episode wants you to believe that he's still the protagonist. Your score has been saved for One Coarse Meal / Gary in Love. "One Coarse Meal" is an episode from Season 7. In this episode, Mr.Krabs discovers that Plankton is afraid of whales, and uses his daughter Pearl's costume to scare Plankton.

Destination: Imagination. But Gary In Love is sooo much better than One Coarse Meal.

There is a 75 character minimum for reviews. Directed by Vincent Waller. It turns out Plankton is afraid of whales. Bloo Tube. One Coarse Meal (Alternate Ending) Edit.

Mr. Krabs: [turns off lights, lights a cigar, and bathes in money] Ahh, that's the stuff. Mr. Krabs: Give away me patties for free for a year and 6 months? ... One more thing, guys. Hello users, and welcome to the ScumBob Wiki's mainpage, the wiki all about episodes from the series SpongeBob SquarePants that people typically call bad! One Coarse Meal is a super-infamous episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.In this episode, after finding out Plankton's fear of whales, Mr. Krabs decides to scare him with a costume of Pearl.

WRITE A REVIEW NO, THANK YOU. If your review contains spoilers, please check the Spoiler box. Pranks for Nothing. History Comments (1) Share. "One Coarse Meal" is a horrible SpongeBob SquarePants episode from Season 7. Hello users, and welcome to the ScumBob Wiki's mainpage, the wiki all about episodes from the series SpongeBob SquarePants that people typically call bad! Mr. Krabs finds out that Plankton's afraid of whales.Gary falls for a snail named Mary. One Coarse Meal. ... during one year and 6 months. I give One Coarse Meal 3.5/10. When Plankton makes a surprise attack, SpongeBob reveals the Krabby Patty formula location to Plankton.

Luigi in his mime disguise used a bat to destroy all of his belongings, from trophies to weapons to records and photos of Peach. Welcome to the ScumBob Wiki! "One Coarse Meal" Andrew Overtoom: Written by : Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, and Mr. … Why people call it ScumBob Edit. With Lori Alan, Clancy Brown, Mary Jo Catlett, Tom Kenny. Just then, Pearl comes and scares Plankton on accident. Search, discover and share your favorite One Coarse Meal GIFs. SpongeBob! The start of the episode is really funny becuase of Mr. Krabs going into a bath of money.

Show him what happens when you mess with the Mushroom Kingdom's biggest hero! The Bloo Superdude and the Great Creator of Everything’s Awesome Ceremony of … As you can see, I tried to emulate as much of Parent12D's version as I could. Welcome to the ScumBob Wiki! Race for Your Life Mac and Bloo. The end of it is much better but unstatisfying. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Follow/Fav One Coarse Meal. By: mariobroultimate. Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook. NOW PLAYING.

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