1923 Mercury Dime Pcgs > 1923 Mercury Dime Pcgs Ms67+fb Cac.
The coin got its common name due to the similarity between young Lady Liberty on the obverse and the Roman god Mercury, both of whom have wings on the sides of their caps. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. 1917 Mercury … Hansen - Tough Full Bands Gem - Mercury Dime.

Roll 50 1944 S Mercury Silver Dimes Bu, Some Fsb, Old Time Coll. 1916S Mercury Dime (Good) $3.00 (10,450,000 Minted) 1916S Mercury Dime (VG) $3.50 . Mercury Silver - $1,679.00 Mercury Silver Dimes Lot Of 1000 Coins + Free Roll Of Roosevelt Silver Dimes Bu Buy Now. The United States Mint made Mercury dimes from 1916 to 1945, but when collectors look for Mercury dimes for sale, they often look for specific years from certain mints, including: 1916-D: Minted in Denver, these are the oldest Mercury dimes. 1916 Mercury Dime (Good) $3.00 (22,180,080 Minted) 1916 Mercury Dime (VG) $3.50. Roosevelt Dimes: 1990 to 2004-S Proof; Roosevelt Dimes: 2005 to 2013-S Silver Proof; Roosevelt Dimes: 1970 to 1989-S Proof; Roosevelt Dimes: 1946 to 1969-S Proof Buy Mercury Dime on eBay now! Free shipping on many items! The portrait on the obverse is actually that of lady Liberty wearing a winged cap symbolizing "freedom of thought" and not Mercury. Designed by German-born American sculptor Adolph Weinman, … $2,280.00 1939 10c Mercury Dime > 1939 10c Mercury Dime Pcgs … 1941 S - $565.00 1941 S Silver Mercury Dimes 50 Choice Original Mint State W10 Split Bands Roll Mercury Dime For Sale. $2,305.00 1926-d 10c Pcgs Ms65 > 1926-d 10c Pcgs Ms65 Fb Ex D.l. These junk silver dimes for sale, cost a bit more than regular 90%, or "Junk", silver dimes and quarters.

Complete Set Mercury Dimes 1916-1945 And Roosevelt Dimes 1946-2019 Buy Now.

90 Silver - $2,178.64 90 Silver Mercury Dimes - 100 Face Value Bag Buy …

Coin Silver Treasures American Mercury Glass Magnifying Dime Dime Magnifying Coin Mercury … Collectible Dimes - Mint, Uncirculated, and Collectible Dimes For Sale. Treasure Dimes Mercury Dimes for sale. Mercury Dimes 1916-1945 , 90% Silver Coin Lot , Circulated, Choose How Many $2.79 UNCIRCULATED 90% Silver Mercury Dimes Old U.S. Recent Posts. End Of Roll Roosevelt Silver Dime Tea Pot Two Annas Coin Made Into A Spoon 1918 D Bu Unc Fb Mercury Dime 1931 S Mercury Dime 1921 D Mercury Dime 2018 S Reverse Proof Dime 2020 S …

Coins 1916-1945 1 COIN

But for fans of these coins, the modest additional premium may be well worth it when it comes to the overall coin values.
Coin dealers and collectors, like to look for key dates that increase the Mercury … $1.99 1916 Mercury Dime (Good/AG) $2.50.

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