The Likert Scale questionnaire is a popular survey tool that is used in educational research, especially in the field of special education. Likert scale is a psychometric scale where questions based on this scale are normally used in a survey.

Likert Scale Examples for Surveys Sorrel Brown ANR Program Evaluation Iowa State University Extension Dec 2010 AGREEMENT • Strongly Agree In this example, suppose Mr. X wants to open a Broking Firm. A likert item refers to a specific statement that a respondent is asked to evaluate in a given survey and on the other hand a likert scale refers to the table as a whole. It was invented by Rensis Likert, an educator and psychologist, who advocated an employee-centered organization. Participants consider the prompt then choose from a selection of answers that range from opposite extremities. In a likert scale survey respondents simply don't choose between yes/no, there are specific choices based on agreeing or disagreeing on a certain question in the survey. 4-Point Likert Scale Example for Agreement: This question will have two poles which are linked with intermediate agreement answer options.

Maximize the value of the survey by adding open-ended questions designed to find the reason behind a rating. So for this, he wants to do a survey and see who all like to trade. on a continuum from strongly agree to strongly disagree, and makes the assumption that attitudes can be measured. A Likert scale assumes that the strength/intensity of an attitude is linear, i.e. A Likert scale is a closed-ended survey question that measures a participant's opinions on a series of statements.

Likert questions which focus on the same or similar topics can be grouped together to form a “single topic” Likert scale. 2-Point Likert Scale Example for Agreement: This question is the simplest Likert scale question example where there’ll be just two option such as agree and disagree as two poles of the scale. For example, each of the five (or seven) responses would have a numerical value which would be used to measure the attitude under investigation. Example of 5 Point Likert Scale. It is one of the most widely used question types in a survey. So this is not reliable, so the likert scale increases the reliability factor by asking dependent questions to the same person at the same time. This aids in comprehension and improves the quality of answers.

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