The exception is if the ham is canned or dry-cured, then it would be able to be stored at room temp. Fully cooked hams in cans or factory wrappers require little trimming but fresh hams may be covered with white fat. She just grabs whichever one is on sale.

Inspect the surface of the ham. This rosy color stems from the curing process that involves injecting the meat with sodium nitrate -- done to preserve freshness and improve moisture content. It's normal for ham to be pink, even if it's fully cooked. It should clearly state that cooking is required.

She will simply warm some slices in the microwave right before we eat. Which means she will buy a ham and NOT cook it. I'm pretty sure she doesn't pay attention to the labels on the hams that say "fully cooked" vs "must cook to internal temperature of 140 degrees." If it is it will be a bit of a darker color and will have a salt taste on it, the meat will be pink, the raw pork leg will be plyable, pail and the meat will be dull looking, a fully smoked Ham coming out of the smoker from a reputable butcher shop should e a fully cooked product, its pretty easy to see if its smoked or not, although most people cook the Ham anyways! Country ham and prosciutto are examples of dry-cured ham. You'll notice that fully cooked ham is the same sort of pink as an uncooked ham. Even cured ham must be refrigerated at a temp of 40 degrees Farenheit or below. Smoking and dry curing dries and darkens the surface of the fat that wraps the outside of hams, signaling that the ham may be fully cooked. Step 5.

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