Employees have to want to share updates. It happened to me once that I received a press release announcing three new hires at a company where none of the photos attached were signed. But you can help your new website get noticed by using social media.

7 Smart Steps to Engage Employees in Social Media. Consider adding an album on your Facebook page that’s called ‘Meet the Team.’ In this album, you can put a picture of each employee with a short description! Finally, the new employee introduction gives you the opportunity to explain the new employee’s job, location, and start date. To make your announcement rise above the rest, add a heavy dose of creativity and stay away from the gimmicks. Let the announcement run (and sink in) for a few days, and then schedule a casual all-hands meeting where existing hires can mingle with new hires in person. New Employee Welcome Banner for Social Media, Emails etc.

A positive new employee introduction letter also shares several points of interest about the new employee. Your new employee will probably feel less anxious on their first day if their new co-workers anticipate their arrival and give them a warm welcome. It alerts your employees to look for a new employee to greet and welcome. Get this free report and never miss another great article from Social Media Examiner. Social Media Content Ideas New Product Announcements. Whenever your company adds a new service or initiative, you can use social media as a way to get the message out there, like Uber does here with its new Uber for Business service. This photo of a new Audi vehicle from NAIAS is a great example. Sometimes it is great to integrate a social world with a business world if it is conducive to your industry. The new employee announcement email is part of the onboarding process. In these cases, it can still be a good idea to share it, in the right circumstances and with the right wording. A member of the HR team or the hiring manager can send this email to introduce the newest member to all current employees. Banner colours should match the logo colours.
Schedule a couple posts for every social media account you have; Use the post scheduling tool Buffer or Hootsuite to set up well-written posts on all your social accounts, but make sure you have them set for the hard launch, not the soft launch. You may also mention where the employee will work and suggest that coworkers stop by to greet the new employee. Unique Product Ideas. I have seen TONS of examples of businesses doing this.

You may also mention where the employee will work and suggest that coworkers stop by to greet the new employee. Introduction Start your announcement by welcoming the new hire and providing information about his background. [2] This opens up the door to their new coworkers finding commonality and shared … New Employee Announcement #5: The Mingling Meeting . This Target Facebook post …

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