I made your classic oatmeal, goat’s milk and honey recipe. Honey. Directions: You can use this recipe for cold or hot process soap. Combine beeswax, lard, olive oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil in a large stainless steel pot and melt. Pour the honey, orange and oatmeal soap into the mold on top of the honey and bees wax soap filling it up to the brim. This may have been a little too long, because the edges of the soap overcooked (browned). You can actually use any cold process recipe to make this hot process soap, just use your favorite one :) What I did was hold back a small amount of the liquid called for and then added it as coconut milk after the cook (about an ounce). Cover and wrap the honey soap in a towel then leave to set in for a good 48 hours before removing from the mold and cutting into bars. Hot process soapmaking is different from the cold process method in that the traced soap is heated to speed up saponification and neutralize it before putting it into the mold.

Add 2T ground oats and 1T honey. Recipe and instructions on how to make honey and beeswax soap. This Slow Cooker Hot Process Soap Recipe is a good first-timer soap recipe choice.

I made this as a hot process soap the first time and added these ingredients after the soap had cooked for an hour and had been stirred. BENEFITS Oatmeal is a cleanser. Directions for Honey Bastille Hot Process Soap. This oatmeal honey soap for dry skin is easy to make with a melt and pour soap base! Oatmeal is a great natural additive to soaps.You will use rolled oats, not instant for these recipes. 9 ounces Olive Oil.

The process of making the soap is fairly straightforward, with the hardest part often being deciding on a recipe. This page is dedicated to oatmeal soap recipes using the cold process soap making method.
I followed it almost exactly, except I pulled out one pound to leave unfragranced in another container. helping you find an oatmeal soap recipe.

Goat Milk, Oatmeal, Honey and Lavender Soap Recipe. 1 ounce Castor Oil. In the apple-oatmeal, I used no coloring. Make this homemade soap for yourself or give it as a handmade gift. Although I’m calling his honey oatmeal soap for dry skin, oatmeal and honey are also beneficial for acne-prone skin. Making cold-process soap involves lye, which is a very dangerous chemical when not handled properly. 3 ounces Palm Oil. Step 1) Measure your oils (not essential oils) into the crock pot. Step 2) Get your safety gear on! 1/4 cup colloidal oatmeal. And now I'll list my recipe, with relevant notes about using honey, so if you're here because you want to use honey when you make cold-process soap, hopefully you won't fall into the same trap I did. The advantage of hot process recipes are that the bars are ready almost immediately, rather than having to wait the month or more before you could use Cold Process soap.

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