Meruem should be faster than Gon aswell, this is arguably a stomp. Its just the difference in experience and natural talent, Meruem wins in every situation against Gon because if you were to give time to Gon to train and stuff, you’d have to do the same with Meruem (he’d only grow stronger and smarter as time goes by). If Meruem can take Zero hand and only receive scratches and cuts...there's no chance for Gon.

This battle lasted until Episode 126. No human in Hxh can physically compete with Meruem, you need a special power like Netero had and even then it's still almost impossible to win. Gon ultimately would've caught them hands, and caught the L. Also, not that Gon isn't intelligent for he has shown to be an extremely brilliant fighter by displaying quick thinking skills and thinking outside the box, BUT...I believe Meruem's intelligence OVERALL surpasses that of Gon (though in combat some may be able to argue they are equal in the thinking department). Ant King Meruem first fights Netero in the Anime Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 122 with the title “Pose × And × Name”.

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