The term ‘To order’ ,‘To the Order’ , ‘To the Order of’, ‘ To the order of Bank’ – These words are rarely used in Invoice also other than bill of lading, to hold the title of goods in exports and imports. What does Consignee Mean? Consignee is one of the most crucial fields on a bill of lading. Only when the B/L is made out to order of the shipper is the shipper able to endorse in blank before presentation under the credit. The consignee should be TO ORDER OF “Applicant Name”. In other words, it’s the entity that is in possession of consigned goods and agrees to sell them for the owner. To Order Bill Of Lading được gọi là vận đơn theo lệnh có nghĩa là hàng hóa trong vận đơn chỉ được giao cho người nhận hàng khi có lệnh bằng cách ký hậu của người gởi hàng (shipper) hoặc lệnh của một đơn vị nào đó (có thể là consignee hoặc bank) có thẩm quyền ra lệnh cho phép nhận hàng To order bills of lading have two functions in international trade transactions: They prevent delivery of the cargo to unwanted parties. Until the merchandise is sold, the consignor maintains legal ownership. A … Although the consignor was anonymous, the gem was previously held by Sir James Duke and Arthur Johnson Jr. For example, let say the applicant name is ABC, then the consignee on Bill of Lading should be written with "TO ORDER OF ABC". “ To order ” means that the bill of lading has been consigned to order of the shipper. Consignee definition is - one to whom something is consigned or shipped. In a contract of carriage, the consignee is the entity who is financially responsible (the buyer) for the receipt of a shipment.Generally, but not always, the consignee is the same as the receiver. Consignee could also be the buyer’s bank.
This is because if we write the "TO ORDER OF APPLICANT", people who receive the Bill of lading will never know who is the consignee? Consignee To Order in Bill of Lading. Is change of buyer (consignee) allowed by bank in International trade.

Such bill may be created explicitly or it is an order bill that fails to nominate the consignee whether in its original form or through an endorsement in blank. As a result, Consignee: to order ==> shipper can endorse in blank; Consignee: to order of the shipper ==> shipper can endorse in blank; Consignee: to order of the issuing bank ==> issuing bank can endorse In order to ensure nothing goes wrong, it’s important to not only understand the process but the roles and responsibilities of each party. The consignor backed out of the deal, so the sale didn’t process.

To order bill of lading is the one that consignee part of the bill of lading have been completed by writing “to order” only as can be seen on the below example.

Forwarder, Shipper, Carrier, Consignee, Notify Party. Waybill; Warehouse receipt In practice, the bill is made out either to the shipper´s order or to that of the consignee or to his order. The terms ‘shipper’, ‘consignee’, and ‘notify party’ are often mistaken to be one and the same or confused with one another. Related entries. To Order Bill Of Lading được gọi là vận đơn theo lệnh có nghĩa là hàng hóa trong vận đơn chỉ được giao cho người nhận hàng khi có lệnh bằng cách ký hậu của người gởi hàng (shipper) hoặc lệnh của một đơn vị nào đó (có thể là consignee hoặc bank) có thẩm quyền ra lệnh cho phép nhận hàng Here’s a breakdown of the main differences between a shipper, consignee, and notify party and their various roles in the shipping … A consignee is a customer or client.

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Rotterdam Rules defines the consignee as a person entitled to delivery of the goods under a contract of carriage or a transport document or electronic transport record. Order bill of lading. Recent Examples on the Web The co-op, which has been in existence for nearly 40 years, has about 30 members and consignees. See more. This field determines not only to whom the shipment is to be delivered, but also signifies the position of the bill of lading against the title of goods. When to Use Consignee. To Order of a named Consignee. Consignee field generally stated on the upper left side of the bill of lading.

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