Clarinet Scales. The Demnitz Clarinet studies are a ‘standard text’ for the clarinet and ties in nicely with the ‘scale project’ as a course of study to develop basic instrumental technique upon an instrument; in this case, the Clarinet. This process works best if you start at the beginning and work through all the lessons in order. Speed up gradually. Use accurate repetition to master any scale or technical exercise or passage of music.

Non Tonic-to-Tonic scale patterns encourage students to recognize scale patterns within the music, regardless of the stated key signature. barre chords, power chords, scales) and patterns around the neck with ease. Many scale-sequence patterns can also be applied to triads and basic 7th arpeggios. Technique Requirements for Clarinet* Level I Major scales and arpeggios Chromatic scale – E –G 3 octaves, A-flat-E-flat 2 octaves Level II Minor scales in three forms and arpeggios Major scales in thirds through 3 sharps and 3 flats Chromatic pattern I (Clarinet Handbook) Level III Lessons for Download. When you can play a scale effortlessly and accurately at a specific tempo, take the metronome up one notch at a time. Doing so will engrain the finger patterns in your mind and your muscles, and it will make playing the clarinet easier. The pattern simply rolls up one triad (from the root) and then down the other (from the 5th), in diatonic succession (G-Am-Bm-C-D-Em-B˚) up the scale pattern. Movable shapes and scale patterns can allow you to play in any key by applying the same fingering pattern to a different root note. FIGURE 7 ascends the G major scale via a sawtooth sequence of harmonized triads. In addition, there are links to a printable PDF file and a two octave and a three octave chromatic scale. Below are links to the 12 major, melodic, harmonic, and natural minor scales. Clarinet lessons online with Plan Z Music. Mr. Snavely in this edition, has compiled all of the ‘C major’ scale patterns so you can cover that scale … One of the best things about playing the guitar is the ability to move shapes (e.g.

You should strive to develop these basic patterns through the entire range of the clarinet and through all 12 major and minor tonalities ultimately without reading them. Baermann clarinet scales – as organized by Jack Snavely Above, you see the commonly used Langenus version where many of us poor saps had to turn pages to work on all of the scale variations.
Remember the Jazz Melodic Minor Scale is merely the Major Scale with a minor or lowered third degree relative to the major scale.

8 Scale Patterns Example One Clarinet Teaching Workshop June 6-10, 2005 Contact: Office of Special Programs Indiana University School of Music Bloomington, IN 47405 Phone: (812) 855-6025

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