We relate to this closeness most now, after the cleansing and rebonding with God of the High Holidays.. Sukkot is also the time when the crops were gathered from the fields in ancient Israel.

Chol Hamoed Pesach is an amazing time to take off and spend with your kids and family. To speak of building during a holiday dedicated to erecting a temporary structure seems fitting. Chol HaMoed Pesach in Niagara Falls 2020 We hope the current travel ban will be lifted prior to Chol Hamoed Pesach and our annual program can continue as usual.
Sukkot (October 3 - 11, 2020) is an especially joyous holiday which celebrates the close relationship we had with God in the desert, when we were sheltered beneath God's Clouds of Glory. (9405) Related posts: Live interview and performance with Leiby Wieder and Yoely Braun – Pesach 2020 Chol Hamoed Pesach 5780 Lipa Schmetzler – LIVE PERFORMANCE and interview on The Jewish platform Motty Ilowitz and Moshe Schwarts, Live Interview and Performance on The Jewish Platform ... Sukkot 2020 in Niagara Falls;

The company for East Jerusalem Development invites you to celebrate Chol HaMoed Sukkot with your entire family!
Chabad Niagara Jewish Welcome Center. ICYMI: Chol Hamoed Activities Apr 12 2020 12:02 am You may not be able to travel this Chol Hamoed, but here are some fun activities you can do with the family. If you are considering booking, please don’t hesitate to make reservations and be assured that … CHOL HAMOED PESACH in Niagara Falls. Schedule Shachris: 8:30, 10:00 ... We have secured a special tour for our Chol Hamoed gussets who want to travel VIP. Chol Hamoed Activity: Virtual Torah Zoo. As always, we like to help with easy and convenient solutions that take the headache out of planning chol hamoed outings. Sukkot in Jerusalem 2020 Events and exact dates will be updated as soon as they become available. The company offers some of the best tourist attractions in the Jewish Quarter. The planning part, less amazing. Each year on Sukkot, we read these famous words of Ecclesiastes (Kohelet): “A season is set for everything, a time for every experience under heaven. Sukkot for the year 2020 starts on the evening of Sunday, October 4th ending the 7 day festival on sundown Friday, October 9th.The festival in Israel lasts for 6 days ending at sundown on Thursday, October 8th.For the Jewish calendar night begins before day, thus the holiday or festival begins on the sunset of the previous day.

…a time for tearing down and a time for building up.”(Kohelet 3:1,3). MINYAN. This Chol Hamoed, take a virtual trip to Rabbi Mendel Moskowitz's Virtual Torah Zoo.View cool animals, exotic birds and Kosher fish from the Torah.

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