After hitting Walcott, Rocky was able to see how Walcott fell on his knees. Surprisingly Marciano was the new world heavyweight champion.

Tyson was bigger, but I say Marciano--when he was trying to punch. Rocky Marciano - The Suzie Q To finish a professional boxing career with an entirely unblemished record is no easy feat but that’s exactly what ‘The Rock From Brockton’ did between 1947 and 1955, beating all 49 of his opponents, with an eye-watering 87% of those unable to reach the final bell.
Rocky defended his title six times, winning five fights by knockouts. ... Rocky Marciano came to our high school in Boston for a sports night in the mid-1960s.

Rocky Balboa: Rocky Marciano was the inspiration for the name, ... was a short right to the jaw dubbed "Suzie Q."

If you want to know why Rocky was Rocky, why he was so tough, so relentless, you need to go back to the beginning, and his childhood. It helped him win every fight 49 wins ,43 KO's and none of those losses or draws. Rocky Marciano was born on September 1, 1923, in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Synopsis. He's the only fighter to never be defeated and retired at 31 and stayed retired. Rock’s favorite punch, a hellish right nicknamed “Suzie Q”, dismantled scores of opponents, including Walcott in 1952. He also had a great left, but his right cross wa the famous Suzie Q! He started fighting as a professional boxer in 1948, winning a fight against Harry Bilizarian. But Rocky Marciano will always finish third in a popularity contest.

He also had a great left, but his right cross wa the famous Suzie Q! In arts and entertainment Music. Podcast Sponsors. Rocky Marciano announced his retirement on April 27, 1956, aged 32. Squarespace. Walcott was leading on all scorecards, 8–4, 7–5, and 7–4. “Rocky Marciano was one of the toughest men … He didn't want to follow in his father's footsteps and work in a shoe factory. This was a memorable fight. Rocky’s legendary “Suzie Q” punch; Al Weill (Rocky’s manager) The Death of Rocky Marciano; Listen to the Podcast! He finished his career at 49–0. Marciano takes advantage – firing his signature punch – his right hand, nicknamed Suzie Q. Listen to the episode on a separate page.
A s Marciano opponent, the brilliant Charles learned, you can’t prepare for something you’ve never seen. His Hollywood counterparts, synonymous with the monikers, admittedly owe a major chunk of their personas to Marciano.

( 175 lbs ). Download this episode. In the 13th round, the American throws a “Suzie Q” before receiving a hook from Joe. Rocky Marciano was born under the name Rocky Francis Marchegiano in Massachusetts to Italian immigrant parents on the first day of September, 1923. Subscribe to the podcast in the media player of your choice. But at 5′10″ and 185 lbs with a 68 inch reach he really should have been a light-heavyweight. It was Rocky Marciano's signature punch, a fierce right cross thrown from a short distance with remarkable power. The SUZIE -Q Rocky's right hand bomb was tested and that right punch had the equivalent force of an armour piercing bullet , or the force required to spot lift 1000lbs, that would spoil your day i'd imagine. It was a right cross that traveled only six inches, which he always referred to, thereafter, as his "Susie Q." Rocky Marciano had two goals in mind while growing up in Brockton, Mass. What set Marciano apart was what Goldman called his “Suzie Q,’’ a short right cross that left rivals loopy and legless.

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