Catholics should be married in their parish church or receive their pastor’s permission to be married elsewhere. As such, it is a supernatural institution, as well as a natural one. Parishes are also strict about remarriage. In case a Catholic person is getting married to a non-Catholic, non-baptized person (Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Mormon, etc..) a Dispensation from Disparity of Cult Form is required. Marriage is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. In case a Catholic person is getting married outside a Catholic church (Synagogue, Temple, Christian Church, etc..) it will require a Dispensation from the Canonical Form of Marriage. Many will require proof of baptism, communion, and/or confirmation. Matrimony requirements can vary from church to church. The Church, therefore, restricts sacramental marriage to men and women who meet certain requirements. Because marriage in the Catholic Church is a sacrament, it is a community as well as a personal celebration.

Requirements for Getting Married in the Catholic Church.

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