Rent Your Parking Space Your extra spot could mean extra cash.

I am not an expert, but I do own a condo and a parking space that is reserved for me or whoever I decide to rent it out to. My land transfer documents only list my actual unit, one specific locker, and one specific parking space as being transferred to me. There's often good money to be made in renting out parking space.

UK answer here, especially for England and Wales: You can try and sell your car but the buyer may get a nasty shock if the vehicle is lifted for non payment. Read More » drivers can rock up at your space and get on with things without you needing to be there. Or maybe you drive into work and lease a private bay from somebody that doesn’t use it?

3. There is an exception to Common Property parking in that a lot of buildings are now leasing the parking to a third party (created by the developer) and then leasing spaces to the owners on a long term basis, often 999 years. Given that selling parking spaces is a lucrative source of additional revenue for developers, they are trying hard not to forgo it.

Listing your ad for a driveway, off-street space, or even a parking garage is free. Arriving to a destination and spending most of your time circling around lanes looking for a good parking spot is … YES.

NO. Rent Your Parking Space article discussion. This is a special discussion to link on the back of the article Rent Your Parking Space. Ok so it is a space but this comes at an initial steep price, and ongoing high costs (his service charge reflects the privilege of having the car parking space).

The City of Perth says residents could be prosecuted if they’re caught renting … Why can’t I sell my parking space? Great way to advertise a parking spot, but as @Kevin Killackey states, you have to be an owner of a unit in the building before you can offer it up for sale.

You get the money you earn from this site the first of every … Rent it on SpotHero and earn added income, easily. We use cookies to make the site easier to use. Do you have a car spot in the inner city that you don’t use and rent out to somebody else?

In my condo, nothing but the vehicle is allowed in the space so that sign would … Hourly, daily, or monthly rentals can be charged.

Perfect. Do you need a key, fob or code to access your space? Well if that’s you be warned. I don't believe the previous owner knew about the additional locker/parking due to the price I paid for the unit. They also give the impression you are buying a parking space at a discount to its market value. You can list your space… We help property owners to sell car parking space in Toronto. Fill out the form below to sell your parking space to drivers looking for parking near you. This means that you can list your space as “book instantly”, i.e.

If this is the case the lease may be assigned, which in essence is a sale of the parking space. Another obstacle but not a deal-breaker. So they have come up with innovative ways to carry on … This is a special discussion to link on the back of the article Rent Your Parking Space. They make no mention of additional lockers/parking. My friend - who is a very smart business man and a successful negotiator - is getting nowhere with the building management company.

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