advantages, responsibilities, and implications of filing the Articles of Organization for a Limited Liability Company, as statutorily provided for under Title 48, Chapter 2c, the Utah Limited Liability Company Act. An LLC is governed by title 3, chapter 101 of the Texas Business Organizations Code (BOC). Title 1, chapter 3, subchapter A of the BOC governs the formation of an LLC and sets A limited liability company (LLC) is created by following the statutes dictated by state law. The limited liability company (hereinafter LLC) is neither a corporation nor a partnership; rather, it is a distinct type of entity. Some are only a single page long and the links all direct you to the Secretary of State (or similarly named state entity registray). Texas (LLC) Limited Liablity Company Form is a template carrying the guidelines to establish a Limited Liability Company in Texas, a unique entity governed by Title 3, Chapter 101 of the Texas Business Organizations Code. Step 4 – File for Your LLC (Articles of Organization) Each and every State has its own process when it comes to filing the Articles of Organization for an LLC. The Limited Liability company being formed is a Series LLC complying with Title 10A, Chapter 5A, Article 11. When you follow a sample article of organization to frame the article of organization of your own company, you must be prepared to face the fact that there are both negative and positive aspects of … Most LLC Articles of Organization forms are 2 pages. This guide-sheet is intended to assist those who wish to create a Limited Liability Company … Many states will require an Operating Agreement. Helpful Tip: If the mailing address of the registered agent changes, you must notify and file the respective paperwork with the State of the change.Failure to do so could result in the dissolution of your company. The business must file articles of organization—also called a certificate of formation or a certificate of organization, in some states—and pay a fee with the filing office of the state where the business is located. Article VIII - EFFECTIVE DATE The effective date of this Certificate of Formation will be the date this document is filed with the Office of the Judge of Probate in the following county: ________ . Sample articles of organization are used when you want to frame the article of organization for your own company.

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