Pistol vs Carbine differences in ammunition performance. This was just the info I was looking for. I just picked up a PC carbine and will sight it in today, if it don't rain after work. For matters of discussion he is looking at 110 Grain SP in the Carbine and a good 158 Grain PB gas checked SWC (HP as an option). A friend and I were discussing different options for Home Defense. You can't compare rifle cartridges with a pistol, so that's silly, but passed experience will show a 200 fps gain with the 16" bbl, and 100yrd hits will be pretty easy. The .30 Carbine: A Light, But Useful Cartridge Continue reading to find out all about the history and recommended uses of the .30 Carbine. This is a great choice of 9mm carbine to make for its superior reliability and maximum accuracy. It weighs about five pounds unloaded. The US Army developed the M1 carbine for troops whose primary MOS was not a rifleman but requiring a better weapon than a pistol. It depends on what Pistol Caliber Carbines interest you, what handguns you own, whether you reload, and if you plan on using a suppressor. It is a light rifle round designed to be fired from the M1 carbine's 18-inch (458 mm) barrel. In one of those enduring “after the fact” armchair debates, pundits both praise and condemn the performance M1 Carbine with standard .30 Carbine ball ammunition.While the rifle was handy to carry at about 6 pounds, and the operator could carry large amounts of smaller and lighter .30 carbine ammunition, reports persist of the rounds inability to stop charging enemy soldiers. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .30 M1 Carbine vs .30-30 Winchester ammo rounds. The M1 carbine, first introduced in 1942, fires a special .30-caliber round that's about an inch-and-a-third long (as opposed to the roughly two-and-a-half-inch length of the .30-06 round). We both agree a shotgun is important but he posed the question about the 30 Carbine (Paratrooper Model with the folding stock) versus a 4" 357 Magnum Revolver. As in the olde west using the same round for your pistol and rifle simplifies logistics. carbine, instead of using the .45 ACP?

a nephew has a Kel-Tec 9mm carbine, I have a Marlin camp 9 in a Choate folder and another nephew has a HiPoint 9 carbine or rather his wife laid claim to it their first range trip. Also, each carbine used a Picatinny rail gas block. If you want a pistol caliber Tavor, it’ll be 9mm. The 9mm version used 1 in 10 rifling. The .30 Carbine (7.62×33mm) is a rimless carbine cartridge used in the M1 carbine introduced in the 1940s. It's semi-automatic and can use a 15 or 30-round detachable magazine. Thanks a billion. US M1 Carbine .30 Carbine Vs. .45 ACP. Because the .30 Carbine has no rim, the cartridge case must headspace on the case mouth, same as with 9mm or .45 ACP. Why did they develop a new cartridge, .30 cal. As for operation, the 5.56mm model was CMMG’s new gas-piston carbine and the 9mm version used a straight blowback, recoil-operated mechanism. It is a successful conversion of the AR-15; therefore it has maintained much of the handling and controls of the AR platform.That is why you can count on it for its effectiveness in home defense.

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